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Automotive Dealership Acquisitions in Vaughan, ON

Are you interested in starting or taking over a car dealership? Then you are going to need the help of CBV Automotive Dealership Acquisitions. At our car dealership brokerage we specialize in assisting you with automotive dealership acquisitions in Vaughan, ON. From mergers to buy-sell transactions, we guide you through the process so you can take control of the automotive dealership you are interested in without any hiccups.

Buying any larger business requires a lot of financial guidance. Our brokerage firm specializes in working with complex transactions that require the work of financial advisors who specialize in providing clarity. Whether you are in need of advice on purchase agreements, letters of intent, or asset valuation and negotiation assistance, you are able to confidently turn to us. The experts at Collins Barrow Vaughan Automotive offer comprehensive, tailored services and solutions that make a critical difference to the outcome of a transaction.

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Helping You Find Buyers for Your Dealership

Looking to sell off your new or used auto dealership? It can sometimes feel like a real hassle to find qualified buyers that are capable and willing to make such a high-cost purchase. Luckily, our automotive dealership acquisition team has the solution for you.

We have built very close relationships with a solid network of potential buyers and top dealer groups throughout both Canada as well as the United States. This includes buyers at the manufacturer level. That means when you work with us, we are able to send your information to this network to help you find a buyer much faster than you would through other channels or trying to do it yourself.

Customized Real Estate Solutions

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to buying and selling auto dealerships. Every one of our clients is different and every transaction. Since there are always different factors to consider along the way, and we’ll determine the approach for your needs. We have a unique combination of skills in negotiation and asset valuation, so you are in good hands when you partner with us.

About Our Automotive Dealership Brokerage

Led by Peter Heasty, our specialists at CBV Automotive Dealership Acquisitions have extensive experience facilitating the transaction process for sellers and buyers, overseeing deal negotiations, asset valuation as well as mergers and acquisitions. Our team has built close relationships with a solid network of potential buyers and top dealer groups in Canada and in the U.S., including at the manufacturer level.


Contact us for more information about our automotive dealership acquisition services. We look forward to providing assistance to buyers and sellers throughout the Vaughan, Ontario, area.

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